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Message from Minister Of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

This is another opportunity to our institution to have the chance to flag Tanzania for her tourism value and making our stakeholders to know Marine Parks and Reserves efforts in the conservation stewardship for coastal and marine resources. Tanzania is endowed with a wide range of natural resources both fauna and flora placed in its terrestrial and aquatic resources base which includes well managed terrestrial and marine national parks and reserves.

Historically, Tanzania’s coastal strip has been a center of wealth creation, through trading along the Swahili coast for centuries, extraction of natural resources and most recently from tourism and mariculture activities. This wealth has attracted more people from inland and beyond Tanzania’s borders to its coastal areas particularly cities, creating a rich and diverse heritage. Alongside this human realm, Tanzania’s marine and coastal areas are also rich in biological diversity harboring a wealth of fish species, invertebrates, cetaceans, reptiles, birds, plant life and associated ecosystems. As such, MPAs have increasingly attention to conservationists and their resource users to ensure that the coastal conservation efforts carried out by the government are effective for the benefit of all generations.

It is from this point of view, I would like to share with you all our experiences in managing these fragile resources through this website. The website provides an opportunity to communicate with us and share your knowledge on the best practices in management of marine resources. Wishing you a happy and enjoyable surfing.