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Message from Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development

This is another opportunity to our country to have the chance of not only to flag Tanzania for her tourism value but also making you know our efforts in the conservation stewardship for coastal and marine endowment. Tanzania is renowned for its terrestrial wild life, in the well-managed National Parks, game and forest reserves. Names like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Selous are household names.
Historically, Tanzania’s coastal strip has been a centre of wealth creation, through trade, extraction of natural resources and most recently from tourism and mariculture. Through the centuries, this wealth has attracted people to Tanzania’s coastal areas, both from within the country and beyond its borders, creating a rich and varied heritage.....

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About Marine Parks and Reserves

The Marine Parks and Reserves Unit was established under the Marine Parks an Reserve Act Number 29 of 1994, It is Managed by the Board of Trustees whose role is to oversee the management and administration of Marine Parks and Reserves to ensure sustainable use of the marine resources.

The Board of Trustees has 10 members including the Secretary(click here to see board member Pictures). The Board advises the Minster for Livestock and Fisheries Development on the overall policy and legislative maters pertaining to the conservation and Management of Coastal and Marine resources.Under the law, each Marine Park there is an Advisory Committee whose role is to advise the Board of Trustees on the day-to-day running of the Marine Park. These committees constitute the representative of Marine Park stakeholders including the local community, local government academia, private sector and -Non governmental organization.


Marine Parks Core Values

Our core values

The work and conduct of MPRU are informed and influenced by fundamental values, which are evident in all activities of the Tanzanian Government. MPRU will strive to achieve its goal and meet the principles of the best values and management principles developed for the entire Public Services as part of the PSRP. These values describe how we intend to operate and are a key to our day-to-day decisions, attitudes, conduct, strategies and policies.

Our Vision

"Marine Protected Areas in Tanzania become the joy and pride for all "

Our Mission

"To establish and manage Tanzania’s marine protected areas for sustainable use"

Contact Us

For Quick contact with Marine Parks,please be free to contact us through below address

Address :Box 7565 , Upanga Area , Olympio Street
Telephone:(255(0) 22 2150 621
Telephone:((255(0) 22 2150 621
E-mail: info@marineparks.go.tz